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Dellow Models - The Lightweight

The Lightweight was built, partly in Tony Marsh’s garage and partly at the Dellow factory, as a speed hill climb car. It used the Dellow “rocket tubes” for the chassis and some novel suspension ideas. A supercharged Elva OHIV head on a Ford 100E engine coupled to a Morris 4 speed gearbox, a 4.4:1 ratio rear axle and a very pretty Radpanels body. The tuned engine probably produced in the order of 80 bhp with a body weight somewhat less than the later production Mk5 gave an approximate power to weight ratio of 150bhp/ton. By comparison the contemporary XK120 had 130bhp/ton!

This was the car which gave A.E.(Tony) Marsh the taste for speed which led to his two hat tricks as British Hill Climb Champion in 1955/56/57 and 1965/66/67 but sadly, not in a Dellow. Here he is in the Lightweight at an event at Silverstone in the fifties.

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