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Trials related

Historic Sporting Trials Association. A new organization dedicated to sporting trials cars built between 1952 and 1974. Events have been arranged and original Dellows with 1172 engines conform.

Wheelspin – Andrew Brown’s website: The Complete History of Classic Trials, the drivers, cars and hills.

The MCC, Motor Cycling Club, founded in 1901 organized the long distance event  in 1908 and has prospered ever since. It runs the Exeter, Land’s End and Edinburgh classic trials open to Motorcycles, Sidecars, Three wheelers and cars.  The MCC Class O events are suitable for original standard Dellows.

Michael Leete’s Classical Gas site with up to date reports on the Trials Scene and much more.

The Association of Classic Trials Clubs. Runs a national championship of one day Classic Trials and regulates the sport.

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Owners Clubs

News and Events from the Dellow Register

Facebook Group for sharing of all things Dellow

The Ford Side-valve Owners Club. Essential for all 1172cc E93A & 100E engine Dellows.

The Ford Owners, Restorers and Drivers club of Australia inc. Caters for all side valve Ford cars and equipment. Wayne Lodge, register member and owner of a Dellow Mk111 is also a member of this club.

Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society – a Surrey based old vehicle owners club.

Buckler Car Club Site – Friendly Rivals

1950s Specials Site – good source of spares and information.

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Invaluable spares site for 1172cc engines, transmissions and brake parts.

Good source of second hand and new spares for Ford E93A and 100E

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