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List of Technical Data Sheets and Articles


I'd like to develop this section into an archive of Dellow related technical data and articles. If you have any material that you think would be of interest in this section, please do get in touch.

Article from the Motor Guide to the Dellow 1945-1956

With data on tyre sizes, dimensions and model dates

Exploded diagram

Dellow Mk1

Exploded parts diagrams

For Ford E93A Front Axle, Rear Axle and Gearbox

Fixing a Dellow

General article on Dellow maintenance by Dave Haley

Gears and Ratios

Data sheet covering standard and special gear ratios for Ford E93A and 100E

Lucas Windscreen Wipers

Original Workshop Instructions for models CW1, CW2 and CWX

Original Dellow maintenance notes

for Mk1 and Mk11

Data Sheet and pictures for a range of Overhead Inlet Valve Heads (OHIV).

SU Carburetter Data Sheets

For Single HV3 and Twin H2

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