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Dellow Models - Mark 2

Arguably the most popular model today due to its improved coil sprung rear suspension replacing the quarter elliptics of the Mk1.[ apparently the first UK production car with coil spring rear suspension] It is identified by its lower bonnet line, smaller rear wings and larger luggage space. Unfortunately this leaves less room in the cockpit and is a problem for larger drivers who would do better with a Mk1. Most, although not all, Mk11s had doors and few had the outside handbrake.

The A-frame chassis was extended to the rear allowing long coil springs and hydraulic dampers to be fitted.


The Ford rear radius rods were now included as part of the set up and the whole rear end location was improved with the addition of a long Panhard rod. There was no change to the weight or weight distribution and there was no sudden increase in competition successes. Already the Dellow was starting to struggle with its power to weight ratio.Strangely the front suspension got no revision at this time and even the fitment of hydraulic shock absorbers at the front came some time later.

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