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Dellow Models - Mark 1

The Mk1 is distinguished by its high bonnet line (level with the top of the headlights), the larger rear wings, the outside hand brake, footstep and usually no doors (adding doors weakens the rear body frame).

The Mk1 which evolved from Austin 7 roots had a tubular A framed chassis to similar dimensions with quarter elliptic leaf springs at the rear as per the Austin. These were located in the ends of the tubular chassis A-frame, bolted through with cast alloy slippers. Damping was by Andre Hartford friction shock absorbers front and rear. The front axle was pretty much the standard Ford Prefect but with the addition of a sturdy Panhard rod to give good transverse location. There was no extra transverse location provided at the rear as the quarter elliptic springs located the axle and the standard Ford radius rods were removed. The drive was through a shortened Ford Prefect torque tube to a more or less standard Ford rear axle . Brakes were Ford Girling cable brakes with the outside ‘hand brake’ operating either the front or rear wheels depending on which way it was operated. Wheels were standard Ford 17inch on the front and 16 at the rear. Fuel was in an external 15 gallon slab tank, that together with the spare wheels and the drivers sitting almost over the rear wheels gave a 60/40 weight distribution ideal for trials. The engine was the Ford E93A 1172 side valve unit, often fitted with a Roots type supercharger.

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