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Dellow Roots


All production Dellows (apart from those produced by Dellow Engineering in Oldbury) were assembled in the basement of the Latimer Road Works of Ken Delingpole’s firm Delson. Chassis were subcontracted to Holden & Hunt and the body frames were supplied fully kitted out by Lionel Evan’s coach building company called Radpanels located at nearby Belbroughton. engines and running parts were supplied by Ford Motor Company.


The first picture shows the door of the basement through which most Dellows first saw the light of day!

The second shot shows late MkIII chassis under construction in the small basement assembly shop under the watchful eye of John Barnsley (standing) and Ron Bates (on the left).

Ron Bates later went on to work with Neville Nightingale producing MkII and MkV Dellows at the re-named Dellow Engineering in Oldbury following the sale of the original Dellow Motors Company in 1956.

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